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Answer questions and earn with Masmic – Review

If you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media and wish that you could do something more useful with your time Masmic might be the solution you are looking for.

Masmic is a website where users are rewarded in XLM for giving their opinion on questions posted by the community and even for voting on other people’s answers. The rewards for each question vary and are redistributed to the top voted answers and the people who voted for them.


Best thing about Masmic is that everything is counted directly in XLM. There are no shady tokens or conversions in between. If you don’t know much about XLM you can learn more here:

Minimum requirement for withdrawal is 1 XLM which can be easily acquired in 2-3 days of just voting activity. If you invest time in your answers, it can be earned much faster. Masmic deposits XLM directly to your wallet and you can also set up automatic withdrawal.


One current drawback for Masmic is that the amount of answers for a question is becoming larger as it is becoming more popular and the competition is high. A piece of advice from us is not to lose too much time on answering questions which are not in your area of expertise and interest. Rather focus on something you are passionate about and create an answer which will get you a lot of votes. Good thing on Masmic is that you can almost always earn something by voting on good answers so don’t miss out on those opportunities.

Also, if you are not a fan of cryptocurrency and you don’t want to own any, it might take some more time to covert your XLM to USD or other currency since you would need to accumulate enough to be able to exchange it.


So in short, it is very possible and very easy. Masmic is a cool way to earn some extra income. Although it is not highly profitable, it is easy to use and withdraw your earnings all while having fun and learning something new.

If you are curious about Masmic you can test it out here. Any questions or concerns? Drop them in the comments bellow.


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