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Crypto games are the new thing? Learn about Rollercoin.

Did you know you can earn bitcoin by playing games? Rollercoin is a platform just for that! Gain mining power, play minigames, have fun and get some satoshi in you wallet. Are there any drawbacks? Read and find out!

What is it?

Rollercoin is a crypto mining simulation game. After signup, you create your character and you will have your room with a computer and racks for miners. To earn in Rollercoin, you need to increase your mining power – you can do it in two ways: you play simple minigames (think Asteroids, Flappy bird, Memory game, 2048..), or buy miners. It reminds of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, if you are familiar with that game.

Check out Rollercoin here

Playing the game

After completing a minigame, you will receive mining power based on your score in the game. Most games are completed withing under a minute. As you progress, the minigames become more difficult and also more rewarding. In the beginning everything is quite simple, by level 10 everything becomes quite challenging. And in some games, even impossible for me (although this might be the result of my poor gaming and coordination skills). But don’t worry – even if you lose the game, the time you spent will not be wasted and your power will be increased based on how good of a result you got.

The power you earn will fade away over time. As you play more games, your power will last longer. Meaning, from the first games you will earn power for only first 24 hours, however as you progress and play more, your power will last for up to 7 days from one game. Great way to scale up!

When playing, you can choose to focus on only one minigame, but there is a short time you need to wait in between being able to play levels of the same game. Usually if you juggle between two or three games, you will not have to wait at all. You can play on desktop or mobile.

One fun thing about Rollercoin is that you can also see how you are doing compared to other players. There is a leaderboard you keep climbing based on your power. It is constantly updated and it is a great way to motivate you to keep playing. Right now I am near entering the top 1000 players and it is awesome to have this goal which helps you push forward.

Check out my profile

Currently, there are 8 minigames in Rollercoin. New games are still being developed. Recently, a new game has been teased on their Facebook page as well as new features for the game, such as multi-currency mining and user marketplace.

Money talk

For now, the only option for earning in the game is in bitcoin. Or rather, satoshis (smallerst part of bitcoin). The system distributes satoshis to players after “mining a block”, which simulates real Bitcoin mining. Your earning is based on how much mining power is in the Rollercoin network and what percentage of the power you are contributing. Usually, the block is worth 3000 satoshi and is mined in 5 minutes.

Basically, every five minutes you will receive a piece of a satoshi. From my experience, it will be somewhere between 0.1 to 1 satoshi. The amount depends on how much you play and how many miners you have. Play more – earn more. Simple.

Withdraw minimum is currently 10000 satoshi (0.0001 BTC) to your wallet, without any fee.

Good thing about the games is that the miners give you option of passive earning. But don’t be fooled, playing is still much more powerful and will get you more satoshi than miners, especially cheaper ones. However, in the long run miners are a good option since you can simply forget about the game and you will still earn some profit.

If you decide to invest in Rollercoin, be prepared that you will wait for a long time to get returns on your investment. Even though the miners are pretty lucrative option to increase your earning, it is not a quick option to get cash.

Rollercoin has also released their own token – RollerToken (RLT) which will be used in game and buying RLT can give you additional perks as an investor. However, I have found that it is not essential to buy it in order to enjoy the game. If you decide you like the project, RollerToken is a nice way to support the developers, but you can play and earn by investing nothing other than your time.

The bottom line

Rollercoin is a fun way to incorporate your love for games, retro esthetics and cryptocurrency. You can definitely earn some cents for it, or you can invest in Rollercoin and decide to support the project in the long run. As with most projects that we review which will earn you some cents – do not expect to earn a living off of it. It is an interesting option to try out and the bottom line is that it is a fun game.

Sign up for Rollercoin

Have you already tried this crypto game? What are your thoughts?


Get rewarded for your opinion on Crowdholding

Looking to earn some coins by giving your feedback on various projects by companies that care about their users? Join Crowdholding – platform where you can easily earn crypto rewards for your help!

Businesses are becoming increasingly more dependent on a timely and unbiased customer feedback. Crowdholding is a platform which connects businesses directly to eager customers and helps with testing out new products, designs and concept. In return for completing tasks and giving their opinion on projects, the users are rewarded with Crowdholdings’ own cryptocurrncy – YUP coin.

If you would like to join Crowdholding keep reading to find out more about this platform and to get an overview of the benefits you can get by joining.

Best things about Crowdholding

Crowdholding lets its users earn crypto for completing various tasks from startups, crypto companies and other awesome project teams. Users participate by leaving a comment with their answers to the task on the project dashboard. Not only that, you can also earn substantially for voting on other people’s answers to help promote the best ones.

One of the best things about Crowdholding is that the community is really great, the amount of spam comments is low and they are usually filtered out. The discussions are meaningful and everyone is giving out positive energy. Regardless of the monetary incentive, Crowdholding is pleasant to use and provides a special feeling of contribution when a comment you posted is noticed by the project team and enables them to improve their product.

Crowdholding is also one of the rare websites which enable you to earn different types of coins for the same contribution. Besides earning the official YUP coin, the projects you participate in can reward you in their own currency. Sometimes it is new altcoins which are just emerging on the market or sometimes the already established ones such as BAT.

Crowdholding is also paying out dividends for anyone holding more than 250,000 YUP. This could be your opportunity to put your savings to work. Additional YUP can be easily purchased through their platform.


Crowdholding seems to be a little less dynamic than some other similar websites which reward for answering and voting (think Masmic for example). The projects on Crowdholding are usually more serious and they have tasks which can be more difficult, take more time to complete and also last for a couple of weeks. The same project might be seen all over the site with different ongoing tasks. Also, you need to be patient waiting for your rewards since tasks have a longer expiration time.


If you are serious about sharing advice which might help companies and individuals and you are ready to be rewarded with some YUP coins, Crowdholding is deffinetly a website to consider. Also, if you are a new business, a startup or an individual looking to get advice for your project, Crowdholding is a great place to get some genuine user feedback. You can check out Crowdholding by clicking the link here. Signup is using either your Facebook or Google account.

Have you already joined Crowdholding? Let us know if you liked it in the comments.

Birdchain is bringing new things on crypto earning table.

Learn everything about a new app that rewards your engagement in BIRD tokens. Try out Birdchain and get into the excitement of daily earning.

Birdchain is a new app on the market for your Android phone which allows you to earn BIRD tokens for engaging with ads. You can also learn a lot about cryptocurrency through their extensive cryptopedia. Although it is a newer token, BIRD is already gaining traction and it is listed on IDEX market and P2PB2B exchange.

Download Birdchain

Birdchain’s advantage over other PTC businesses is that it tends to offer advertisement for what you are actually interested in. Also, the user experience for using the application is very pleasant and exciting.

Besides offering advertisement space, Birdchain is developing another interesting feature which sets it apart from other companies. First time on the market, Birdchain is developing a system for users to sell their unused SMS if they have more than they need in their mobile operator package. This SMS will be used by companies for sending passwords, authentication codes etc. Currently, this feature is available in Indonesia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Netherlands and United Kingdom with new countries coming soon!

Every 24 hours, each user is also allowed one daily spin on their lottery wheel which gives rewards up to 1000 BIRDs. Unfortunately, there is no timer for the wheel so it’s best to take note of the time you use the wheel so you have an idea of when it will be available again.

Withdrawal of BIRDs is to any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens with minimum withdrawal being 1000 BIRDs. There is also a limited amount of BTC Rebiton vouchers for those who manage to earn 10000 BIRDs.

If this article got you curious, you can get more info about Birdchain on the official Birdchain website and also make sure to visit their Facebook page where they often run competitions and promotions.

Have you already tried Birdchain? Is there future for the BIRD coin? Let us know your questions and opinions below.

Answer questions and earn with Masmic – Review

If you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media and wish that you could do something more useful with your time Masmic might be the solution you are looking for.

Masmic is a website where users are rewarded in XLM for giving their opinion on questions posted by the community and even for voting on other people’s answers. The rewards for each question vary and are redistributed to the top voted answers and the people who voted for them.


Best thing about Masmic is that everything is counted directly in XLM. There are no shady tokens or conversions in between. If you don’t know much about XLM you can learn more here:

Minimum requirement for withdrawal is 1 XLM which can be easily acquired in 2-3 days of just voting activity. If you invest time in your answers, it can be earned much faster. Masmic deposits XLM directly to your wallet and you can also set up automatic withdrawal.


One current drawback for Masmic is that the amount of answers for a question is becoming larger as it is becoming more popular and the competition is high. A piece of advice from us is not to lose too much time on answering questions which are not in your area of expertise and interest. Rather focus on something you are passionate about and create an answer which will get you a lot of votes. Good thing on Masmic is that you can almost always earn something by voting on good answers so don’t miss out on those opportunities.

Also, if you are not a fan of cryptocurrency and you don’t want to own any, it might take some more time to covert your XLM to USD or other currency since you would need to accumulate enough to be able to exchange it.


So in short, it is very possible and very easy. Masmic is a cool way to earn some extra income. Although it is not highly profitable, it is easy to use and withdraw your earnings all while having fun and learning something new.

If you are curious about Masmic you can test it out here. Any questions or concerns? Drop them in the comments bellow.

New way to earn crypto – introducing Pi Network.

If you’ve ever been interested in cryptocurrency but you’ve been afraid to ask or invest your money – this is the time for you! A group of Stanford graduates created a new crypto currency called Pi which will revolutionize the way you think about crypto.

As a way to engage users early on, the Pi network is offering a special opportunity. You can earn Pi coins for free by installing their app on your phone and letting it run in the background. The Pi app does not use you battery or mobile data – it is completely safe.

The Pi coins will be used in a specialized Pi marketplace or if you decide you don’t like the project after all you can sell your coins for USD once they are on the marketplace.

The best thing about Pi is that it is truly focused on the people who are engaging in the network and you are encouraged to build a strong security circle with people who you can trust are not misusing the network.

To join our security circle visit Pi Network website to learn more about Pi. You can use our Pi invitation code saraspa to join as a Pioneer and start earning free Pi now!

What do you think about Pi Network? Are you already a user? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

What is Honeygain? (Honeygain Review 2020 updated)

What is Honeygain? Learn all about it with out in-depth review. Earn passive income from home by sharing your extra bandwidth with Honeygain.

Honeygain is an application which lets you earn some cash by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. This extra bandwidth that would otherwise be wasted away is used by data scientist for their research and everyone who participates gets compensation. This enables you to make money easily by simply installing it and let it do its job. This app is great since it easy to SET and FORGET and earn that passive income everyone is dreaming about.

You can use Honeygain on your Android phone, MacOS or Windows PC. Upon signup on Honeygain website, you can download the app and continue your regular work. There is an option to add multiple devices as well for optimal profit.

If you are using mobile, there are several different options to set up such as using mobile data or enabling Honeygain only while charging your phone. Honeygain is available worldwide but sometimes earnings can vary depending on your location, internet bandwidth and Honeygain demands.

NEW CONTENT DELIVERY OPTION lets you earn even more with Honeygain. While still in Beta, when this option is enabled bandwidth-intensive content is shared through your network which enables you to earn much more.

Get a bonus of 5 USD from Honeygain by registering with this link.


Honeygain deposits earnings directly to your PayPal. The minimum payout balance 20 USD. Depending on your location and number of devices, it may take a couple of weeks or even couple of months to reach the minimum payout so patience is key with this application.


Biggest drawback for Honeygain is the high minimum payout and slow earning. Thus, it is definitely not for those who need quick bucks. Also, when using it on mobile, it might be draining your battery so be careful to turn the app off if you are running low.


Honeygain is definitely an interesting option and a new way to earn passive income online if you are patient with it.

For more information about Honeygain you can also visit the official Reddit community. Got more questions? Drop them in the comments below.

Visit for best earning opportunities for everyone!