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Stock photography? If you have a smartphone – you can do it!

Have you ever wondered what is stock photography? Do you want to learn how to sell photos from your phone? Read all about stock photography and how to succeed.

Are you trying to earn some easy money on the side and invest your time in something that will provide you with passive income in the future? And you have a smartphone?

Let us introduce you to stock photography – providing businesses, bloggers, magazines and marketing agencies with images of everything and anything for a cheap price. Many people consider stock photography to be for professional photographers only but it’s not true.

Photos for stock photography are usually sold through stock photography websites or apps. Those are platforms to which you can upload your photos and they will sell them on your behalf while giving you percentage of the profits. There are different licencing options available but usually one photo can sell multiple times. And you can upload to multiple platforms as well!

On most stock photo websites, the main requirement for the photographs is resolution (size of the image in megapixels). Different platforms have different requirements, so even if the only photography equipment you have is smartphone camera, there are a lot of stock markets that will accept your photos and sell them.

Remember that the most important thing in stock photography is to make sure your photos have some interesting quality that will sell them – maybe they are from a popular tourist destination, or have a great topic, concept or unique items represented. Pick out good keywords and descriptions to accompany your photos since this is what will most likely make a difference in selling your photos.

Do not expect to earn your salary through amateur stock photography, but be sure that there is money to earn. If you have some free time on your hands, it is worth to research what the trending topics and keywords are and it will increase your earnings dramatically. However, even an old collection of photos of things and places from your travels or everyday life might be appealing to some audience so there is no harm in trying to sell them as stock photos. And it’s easy, free money for you!

Besides photos you can also sell videos, illustrations and much more. For sure you can find which creative medium fits you the best, although photos might be the easiest to start with.

Next week on Centilionaire we are giving advice on which platforms to use for selling your beginner photos so stay tuned to find out!


Get rewarded for your opinion on Crowdholding

Looking to earn some coins by giving your feedback on various projects by companies that care about their users? Join Crowdholding – platform where you can easily earn crypto rewards for your help!

Businesses are becoming increasingly more dependent on a timely and unbiased customer feedback. Crowdholding is a platform which connects businesses directly to eager customers and helps with testing out new products, designs and concept. In return for completing tasks and giving their opinion on projects, the users are rewarded with Crowdholdings’ own cryptocurrncy – YUP coin.

If you would like to join Crowdholding keep reading to find out more about this platform and to get an overview of the benefits you can get by joining.

Best things about Crowdholding

Crowdholding lets its users earn crypto for completing various tasks from startups, crypto companies and other awesome project teams. Users participate by leaving a comment with their answers to the task on the project dashboard. Not only that, you can also earn substantially for voting on other people’s answers to help promote the best ones.

One of the best things about Crowdholding is that the community is really great, the amount of spam comments is low and they are usually filtered out. The discussions are meaningful and everyone is giving out positive energy. Regardless of the monetary incentive, Crowdholding is pleasant to use and provides a special feeling of contribution when a comment you posted is noticed by the project team and enables them to improve their product.

Crowdholding is also one of the rare websites which enable you to earn different types of coins for the same contribution. Besides earning the official YUP coin, the projects you participate in can reward you in their own currency. Sometimes it is new altcoins which are just emerging on the market or sometimes the already established ones such as BAT.

Crowdholding is also paying out dividends for anyone holding more than 250,000 YUP. This could be your opportunity to put your savings to work. Additional YUP can be easily purchased through their platform.


Crowdholding seems to be a little less dynamic than some other similar websites which reward for answering and voting (think Masmic for example). The projects on Crowdholding are usually more serious and they have tasks which can be more difficult, take more time to complete and also last for a couple of weeks. The same project might be seen all over the site with different ongoing tasks. Also, you need to be patient waiting for your rewards since tasks have a longer expiration time.


If you are serious about sharing advice which might help companies and individuals and you are ready to be rewarded with some YUP coins, Crowdholding is deffinetly a website to consider. Also, if you are a new business, a startup or an individual looking to get advice for your project, Crowdholding is a great place to get some genuine user feedback. You can check out Crowdholding by clicking the link here. Signup is using either your Facebook or Google account.

Have you already joined Crowdholding? Let us know if you liked it in the comments.